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This list is incomplete.
Structured memory illusions in visual working memory
Lew Vul (2015) OPAM
Environment sensitivity in hierarchical representations
Lew Vul (2014) VSS 2014
Hierarchical binding & illusory conjunctions
Lew Reith Rich Vul (2014) OPAM
Magnitude-sensitive preference formation
Srivastava Vul Schrater (2014) NIPS
Knowledge of Uncertainty in Physical Prediction
Smith Vul (2014) Psychonomics
Tracking hidden objects with efficient physical prediction
Smith Dechter Tenenbaum Vul (2014) Vision Sciences Society 13th Annual Meeting
Learning and Forgetting in Visual Memory
Lew Vul (2013) Psychonomics
Multiple object tracking difficulty is consistent with an ideal observer
Rieth Vul (2013) Vision Sciences Society
Hierarchical binding and illusory conjunctions of multi-part objects
Rich Vul Rieth (2013) Vision Sciences Society
Decision biases and heuristics arising from inference by sampling
Vul (2012) Cognitive Science Society
Wisdom of the Crowd Within: Sampling in human cognition
Vul Pashler Smith (2012) Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Mapping the Number Sense Onto Numbers
Vul Sullivan Barner (2012) Psychonomics
Beyond Priming: Causes of Sequential Dependence in Semantic Production Tasks
Smith Olaranont Huber (2012) Psychonomics
The Attentional Blink and Repetition Blindness as a Consequence of Rational Inference
Rieth Vul (2012) Psychonomics
Sources of uncertainty in intuitive physics
Smith Vul (2012) Cognitive Science Society
Semantic Search Strategies in the Remote Associates Test
Smith Huber Vul (2011) Psychonomics